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We raise all of our Kobe Beef  / Wagyu Beef "on our Ranch"  for complete control of product quality.  Buy an entire steer,  half a steer or if that is too much beef try one of our custom Kobe packages.  You can tell us exactly what you would like and we will send it to you. 

We have several cuts available,  steaks of all kinds, briskets, roasts, and more. see our  Ordering page for other cuts and packages

Buy your own steer  

Buy your own entire steer or buy part of one ! We will raise and butcher the steer to your specifications for you and have it ready for pickup or delivered to your door.  (Prices vary by weight of steer) All of our steers are raised on our family farm using no hormones, antibiotics, or other harmful synthetic chemicals that can be used at larger feed lot style beef companies.

We care about both the health of your family and the health of the environment and raise our gourmet Wagyu Beef accordingly.  There are many "beef distributors" out there who claim their meat is home grown, but they are actually just meat brokers who accumulate their beef supplies from countless sources. They cannot ensure the consistent quality or origin of their product like we can, because they do not raise or finish the beef themselves.


Click Here For ordering and pricing information.

Custom orders
          Pick specific items you want in the amounts you want - also delivered to your door frozen (see Products page for individual prices)
Call us with any questions we will be happy to work with you any way possible  417-849-1227


Our family works hard to bring our customers some of the finest American Wagyu - American Kobe Beef and Wagyu Cattle produced in the United States. We have been breeding the finest high marbling Japanese Fullblood Wagyu bloodlines from the Kobe Japan Region into our herd for more than a decade to ensure you get extremely high quality Wagyu or American Kobe Beef as its more commonly known. If you want the best beef available try Wagyu Beef you will not be disappointed.