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American Kobe Beef -Wagyu Products are listed below To Purchase Please Order Online Here or call 417-849-1227 Or email us at jbfarms@kobemidwest.com.

American Kobe Beef Items.  -All items are  American Kobe/Wagyu - Click to Order  Now                       

  • Rib Eye Bone-In - $67 for 2 Steaks  14-16 oz ea.                                           
  • Strip Steaks  - $44 for 2 Steaks.  10-14 oz. ea

  • Fillet - Tenderloin - $42 for 2 Steaks  5-8 oz. ea.

  • Tri-Tip - $20/pnd  - 1.5-3 lbs.

  • Flat Iron Steak  - $20/pnd     14-18 oz.

  • Sirloin Steaks Boneless - $18/pnd     6-16 oz.

  • Skirt Steak    - $20/pnd 12-18 oz                                                                                     

  • Flank Steak - $18/pnd. 12-18 oz                                                                                     

  • Pre-Sliced Meat for Stir fry  - $12/pnd. .14-20 oz.                                                     

  • Brisket -  $15/ pnd. 3-6.5 lbs.                                                                                       

  • Chuck Roast - $14/pnd. 2.5-4.5 lbs.                                                                               

  • Kobe Brats 1.2-1.5 lbs. per package    - $12 per pckg. 1.5 lbs

  • Kobe Jalapeno & Cheddar Brats  - $12 per pckg. 1.5 lbs.

    American Kobe Beef Burgers  - Order Online Click here

    • Pre-Made 1/4 pnd. Ground Beef Patties - $24  for 12 patties 3 lbs. total  6 per pack

    • Ground Beef  - 2-1 lb packages - $16

    • *we incorporate premium cuts into our wagyu ground beef such as sirloin, and round steak.

    • Click to - Order Now

    Shipping charges to apply, Below is a shipping charges map, within the outlined blue area averages $15-$20 Shipping, outside the blue area 2 Day Service is required and averages $30-$55. To receive a exact shipping quote Call 417-849-1227 or email your zip code to jbfarms@kobemidwest.com we will email you a shipping estimate before we ship.


Order Kobe Beef On-Line Here or Call Justin  at (417) 849-1227 or email: jbfarms@kobemidwest.com to place your order. Free delivery in the Springfield, Missouri and Branson, Missouri area. For all other areas shipping fees do apply.

JB Kobe Beef Farms-  Naturally Raised American Kobe/Wagyu and Fullblood Wagyu/Kobe Beef , We use no fillers or additives of any kind in our Kobe Ground Beef, only premium cuts. We charge for shipping in order to save you money. Instead of marking up prices to cover shipping we charge you only what FedEx charges us. Thanks for purchasing direct and supporting American Kobe Beef - Wagyu Beef Farmers.


Our family works hard to bring our customers some of the finest American Wagyu - American Kobe Beef and Wagyu Cattle produced in the United States. We have been breeding the finest high marbling Japanese Fullblood Wagyu bloodlines from the Kobe Japan Region into our herd for more than a decade to ensure you get extremely high quality Wagyu or American Kobe Beef as its more commonly known. If you want the best beef available try Wagyu Beef you will not be disappointed.