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JB Kobe Farms Profile - Producers of Fine Wagyu Beef and Wagyu Cattle. If you need Wagyu Beef or Wagyu Breeding Stock Give us a call.

JB Kobe Farms is a family owned and operated Wagyu cattle farm in Southwestern Missouri; the Baker family has been raising beef cattle for 25 years.  Family members operate and oversee all aspects of the farm from everyday operations and animal care to customer service and sales. All of our customers, like our cattle, get personal attention from family members. Why you ask? Because we have a vested interest in the success of the business and the prosperity of our family. This means that we want to provide nothing but the highest quality meats and superior customer service to all our clients, big and small. Whether you are ordering a few steaks for a special occasion or placing a large order for a gourmet restaurant all of our customers receive the time and attention of family members who specialize in Kobe Beef; it's what this family does.

Justin and Joey have been partners in the beef cattle business for years; Justin oversees all operations and animal care as well as breeding programs with Joey, Justin is also the Kobe Mid-West webmaster,



Our family works hard to bring our customers some of the finest American Wagyu - American Kobe Beef and Wagyu Cattle produced in the United States. We have been breeding the finest high marbling Japanese Fullblood Wagyu bloodlines from the Kobe Japan Region into our herd for more than a decade to ensure you get extremely high quality Wagyu or American Kobe Beef as its more commonly known. If you want the best beef available try Wagyu Beef you will not be disappointed.